Most health-care providers are losing money filing medical claims. Why? Slow payments, rejected and denied claims, and no time for follow up. Today's health-care world is one of ever-changing procedures and carrier rules. Insurance carriers scrutinize every claim to guard their purse strings. It's little wonder that many independent practices and ambulance services lose out.

Most providers don't even know how much they are losing, because they're too busy providing health care. With the number of rejected and denied claims reaching an all-time high, the losses are significant. And you can bet the provider—not the carrier—is the one who loses.

Should you or your staff take more time away from patients to devote to filing, tracking claims, and resubmitting? Of course not. Your mission is to provide quality health care, not billing services. The mission for Emax, on the other hand, is to provide efficient billing services to ensure a better bottom line for you.


We have the know-how and technology to help you succeed. We specialize in independent physician practices with either single or multiple providers, both private and municipal emergency ambulance services, occupational therapists and physical therapists.


At a time when the doctor-patient relationship seems to be more at risk than ever before—as government-run and commercial health plans place more administrative demands on you—we navigate through the sea of bureaucratic red tape of reimbursements that steals your time from patient care. In doing so, we also ensure that your reimbursements are neither needlessly denied nor shortchanged.


The costs of emergency rescue 911 services have risen dramatically over the last few years, and there's no sign of that changing. Meanwhile, taxpayers don't want more taxes, yet the demand for ambulance runs continues to increase. We get the Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance reimbursements to which your service is entitled. We team up with your rescue squad to ensure proper documentation, and we work closely with the fire chief or other local government officials. And we do it in a taxpayer-friendly way with excellent customer service that reflects positively on your city or town. Likewise, we provide privately-owned ambulance services the same level of customer service and interaction with you and your staff.

Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy:

You know it's true: The only healthcare provider that government-run and commercial health plans squeeze more than a primary care physician is an OT or PT. Continually changing reimbursement formulas, reporting requirements, and coverage limits requires near superhuman abilities to provide both quality therapy and get paid. You cannot do it all, and while we may not be superhuman, we know how to get you reimbursed for modalities just as well as you know how to perform them.