About Us

Emax Medical Billing LLC has been serving healthcare providers since 1995 with experience, expertise, and a commitment to our clients' financial success.

How Can Emax Help?

We work with your practice to reduce the headaches and costs of insurance and patient billing, improve your bottom line, and most importantly, let you and your staff focus on your patients’ clinical needs.

Medicare, Blue Shield, and other large carriers are leaders in automation. And that automation has provided a new level of bureaucratic scrutiny that rejects claims for often trivial errors. The complexities and variety of health plans create such confusion that an ever-growing number of claims are unfairly denied for the wrong reasons.

The time and costs to appeal and resubmit these rejected and denied claims is tremendous. Even worse, in a busy practice, these claims often fall through the cracks and are never appealed or resubmitted. Why? The complications and fast-paced changes in medical billing make keeping a true billing expert on staff difficult, if not altogether impractical.

Ensuring Your Success

Emax can relieve you and your staff of billing details. Our in-house billing expertise and systems ensure that your claims are filed promptly and accurately. And when claims go unpaid or get rejected or denied erroneously, Emax handles the follow-up so that you get the reimbursement to which you are entitled.

Reducing your losses from rejected and resubmitted claims—not to mention the time it saves your staff—adds up to a better bottom line. It gives you a way to get back some of the profits eroded by health plans and increased overhead.

We do the work

Emax submits claims via electronic data interchange (EDI) using HIPAA-compliant ANSI X12 4010 standards. Most claims are processed automatically by the carriers' computers. When a claim is rejected by a carrier's gatekeeping computer, we get electronic notification right away and act immediately to correct the issue. Payment delays are reduced from several weeks or months to sometimes as little as 10 days. Emax also tracks and follows up on denied or "lost" claims automatically.

And each month, Emax prints and mails individual patient statements for any balances due. Each statement includes a preprinted return payment envelope. Printed on each statement is a convenient toll-free number to Emax so that our staff can answer billing questions directly.

You Focus on your patients

Best of all, using Emax frees you and your staff of the hassles of billing so you can do what's really important: care for your patients.