HIPAA Compliance & Data Security

Protecting patient health information and your data at Emax goes beyond the letter of the law. It's not just about the required business associate agreement or backup disks—it's a way of thinking.

HIPAA-Compliant Billing

Emax has taken extraordinary steps to ensure the privacy of your patients’ protected health information. Those steps go beyond the typical staff training and software compliance. For example, our faxes are sent and received via a HIPAA-compliant fax service, and when printed, each incoming fax includes a cover page that hides its content. Our telephone system uses digitally encrypted technology, as do the wireless headsets worn by our staff. Documents are destroyed with a security-rated shredder. Even the combination lock on our office door is HIPAA compliant and tracks the people who use it. And of course, claims submitted electronically are digitally encrypted.

Data Security

Besides operating in a building that uses card-key access with video security, Emax performs multiple levels of data backup to ensure that your data is protected. Emax maintains multiple instances and backups of data using both online mirrored (RAID 1) and near-line redundant storage using multiple Terabytes of hot-swappable drives (RAID 5). Offline CD/DVD backups are also maintained, as well as a physical off-site backup kept in a bank vault for disaster recovery. And in case of power failures, our servers and workstations all have uninterruptible power supplies that provide enough time for a graceful shutdown to ensure data integrity.